These sessions are... about loving on your body, and treating yourself with kindness. 

They're about shutting up that Negative Nancy in your head telling you you're not good enough, beautiful enough, worthy enough.



Regina, SK & Nelson, BC

Empowerment sessions

YOU deserve beautiful portraits.

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Booking an Empowerment Session, being photographed by a stranger - it's really a life changing experience.

I often get asked why I chose to specialise in Empowerment Photography over anything else. So, the truth is… I just really, REALLY love helping people feel good about themselves. Seeing the transformation of my clients lights my soul on fire.

Give yourself a compliment once in a while. Put on some makeup if it makes you feel good. Invest in some beautiful artwork of yourself. Not 20 pounds from now, not "when I lose the baby weight", not "I'm too old for that...". I truly believe that EVERY body is beautiful and worthy of a photo session. Yes, even you. Yes, just the way you are. Right now. No more excuses.

As a result of these sessions, my clients leave with something they've maybe never experienced - how other people see them. To not see themselves in the mirror through the lens of their own self-doubt. Not seeing the things they're normally so very self-conscious about.

Above all, to see past any of their own perceived imperfections. To see themselves through my lens. Finally seeing their own true beauty - something they may have never really seen before.

empowerment Sessions are about giving yourself permission to really see the beauty in the body you were given.

Giving a huge middle finger to the things that society tells us are or are not beautiful.

Hi! I'm Erika.

And YES - these photos are of ME! I've been a photographer for over 15 years, so I make damn sure I get in front of the camera every now and again. It is SUCH an empowering experience!

My favourite thing about my Empowerment sessions is helping women reconnect with themselves by providing a safe space for self-discovery through my online community and photography sessions

We have a studio located in Regina, Saskatchewan with our newest location opening in Nelson, British Columbia in 2022.

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Why do I do what I do? Because I get it, I've been there. I've looked at myself in the mirror and had not a single nice thing to say about myself. Self-love is a journey and doesn't happen overnight. It's every little piece you put into place to build yourself up.

WHy Empowerment photography?

No more excuses.

Let's create some magic together.

I would love to have you in my studio. Let's create some magic together. So contact me today and we can chat about how to tailor your Empowerment Session just for you. Why? Because you deserve to feel beautiful - because that's what you are!

Are you ready to see yourself in a new light?

I'M READY - BOOK MY SESSION NOW!! much more than pretty photos of yourself. They're about building up that confidence you may have lost. Reconnecting to yourself on a new level you maybe didn't even know was there. They're for getting all dolled up and laughing at my oh-so-hilarious jokes. 😉

Empowerment Sessions are about that transformation that takes place between the time you walk into our studio, and the time you leave. They're for loving yourself, just the way you are. It's a feeling everyone deserves. It's a feeling that YOU deserve. Let me show you how.

Empowerment Sessions are...

Erika does incredible work. It's not just her talent, skill, and the quality of the final product. It's every little thing from the first phone call, to the personal questionnaire, to her encouraging and lovely personality, the safe environment that she creates. Thank you for this empowering experience. Thank you for empowering people. 


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Nelson, BC and the Kootenays
Outdoor Empowerment sessions available May through September.

Upcoming Regina, SK dates are April and October, 2023. 

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