These sessions are... about loving on your body, and treating yourself with kindness. 


empowerment Sessions are about giving yourself permission to really see the beauty in the body you were given.

Giving a huge middle finger to the things that society tells us are or are not beautiful.

No more excuses.

I'll let you in on a secret, nerves are totally normal and 100% expected.

You've probably been thinking about booking an experience like this for yourself for a while. Maybe even a long time! Somehow you keep talking yourself out of it, or telling yourself you need to change your body first.

I'm here to tell you that...

 Every Body is worthy of being photographed. Especially yours. 😘

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What are you waiting for? You deserve this experience.

Are you nervous about booking a session?

"At a time when I was the most self conscious about my body and the least pleased with my appearance I figured that if these photos could make me feel good about myself that would be incredible.

Holy crap did Erika deliver.

I went into the experience hoping for a few photos that made me feel confident and I was so pleasantly surprised. Looking at them, feeling proud, sexy, empowered, and beautiful… it was revolutionary. I hope everyone can experience this! Thank you so much Erika!!!"



Here's what this client had to say about her experience...