These sessions can be life-changing. These sessions will show you yourself in a new way you've never seen before. 

But don't just take our word for it... take the word of some of our past clients who have had this experience for themselves.

Client Testimonials

Erika!!!! They are AMAZING! Oh my goodness I can't believe that's me. Thank you thank you thank you for this experience. They are incredible! 

I was going to wait until I received the folio box to unveil them to my husband, but I couldn't wait! So we sat down with some whiskey (felt like an occasion to celebrate) and went through the photos. I love them, he LOVES them! He has known me since high school and I think he was overwhelmingly happy with the positive experience I had, that I (for the first time in my life) felt confident enough to go through something like this... he knows how scary it would have been for me. He had no doubt that the pictures were going to turn out. He is just thrilled that I get to see myself the way he sees me. The way he has always seen me. The way I never let myself see myself. 

Afterwards we had a discussion on body perception. We are always so hard on ourselves, and we can be so negative towards our own bodies. We talked about how society got to the point where everyone feels self conscious about themselves. We talked about the experiences our loved ones have faced and discussed ways to help people feel more beautiful, because they ARE beautiful. It's amazing how transformative it is to feel good in our own skin. I want others to see all of the beauty their body holds. 

You do incredible work. It's not just your talent, skill, and the quality of the final product. It's every little thing you do from the first phone call, to the personal questionnaire, to your encouraging and lovely personality, the safe environment that you create. Thank you for this empowering experience. Thank you for empowering people. 

I never thought I'd do this in my lifetime. I did it. I rocked it! I had fun. It was such a positive experience for me. I see myself in a new light - not just because of the images, but because I did something that I spent years telling myself that "I am not meant to do that, it's not for me, I'd embarrass myself" .. essentially putting myself in small boxes, not allowing myself to feel confidence, not allowing myself to try new things, not allowing myself to learn or grow, not allowing my light to shine. This helped me see myself in a new light. I can do ANYTHING that I want to do. I can let my light shine. 

From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Miss A. Said...

I have told Erika over and over how much I LOVED my session. I have been dealing with some major insecurities lately. But let me tell you, Erika makes the session so comfortable, relaxing and fun! She knows how to get you to smile and feel good about yourself.

Her constant compliments and yes’s just make you feel like you are on top of the world. Her positive and funny personality makes her shine. Her photo-bombing cats make your pictures 100% too! 🤗 Thank you Erika for making me feel like I was the most beautiful girl in the world!! 😘♥️


I have wanted to do a Boudoir photo shoot for a long time. When the opportunity to work with Erika arose I talked myself in and out of it for a while. I made every excuse but finally I pulled the trigger and booked!

At a time when I was the most self conscious about my body and the least pleased with my appearance I figured that if these photos could make me feel good about myself that would be incredible. Holy crap did Erika deliver.

Leading up to the day I was crazy nervous and she was there every step of the way assuring me it was normal. The day of the shoot I was finally tipping the scales to the excited side over the anxious and scared part.

Everything about the experience was great. I was quickly put at ease and made comfortable, making final wardrobe choices, posing tips and pep talks. Any ideas I wanted to incorporate into my session were respectfully included and I really appreciated that.

During the actual shoot I felt at ease, comfortable and in a safe space… to be vulnerable, goofy… to be myself. The time flew by in the most fun and spectacular way.
When it was all over I sat in my vehicle and was on an adrenaline and empowerment HIGH. I immediately wanted to do it all over again. I couldn’t wait to see the pictures, to tell my friends and to figure out ways for them to experience this feeling. I hadn’t even seen the pictures yet and I was HOOKED!

The reveal didn’t disappoint! There were so many great shots that I had trouble narrowing it down! The photos were spectacular and the quality of the products offered was amazing.

I went into the experience hoping for a few photos that made me feel confident and I was so pleasantly surprised. Looking at them, feeling proud, sexy, empowered, and beautiful… it was revolutionary. I hope everyone can experience this! Thank you so much Erika!!!

That's what She said...